Saturday, April 16, 2011

life is sweet

Well like almost every post i have, this one will be the same in bringing you the updates on life lately; seeing as how i'm extremely inconsistent with keeping a blog. I'm not good at making promises to keep up with it really, either. However, that is completely besides the point.

Life is good today in the world of Mary Baucom. I came home this weekend for Sarah! This weekend was all about her, and the bridal showers, as well as JW and the rest of the crew, Kelly, Gunnar, and Ryan (Jake couldn't make it); oh and never forgetting to mention the wonderful family as well :).  Came into town friday, went straight to decorating the church, and then Logan's Roadhouse with the family after, for dinner. At dinner i was able to see the love of Christ through a simple "Thank You" from my Dad to the group of Firefighters, a table away.The Manager came by and assured us that they had already paid for their food! For those of you who aren't up to date, or just need a reminder, Texas is just being beaten down with Wild fires, San Angelo is being effected, and all the surrounding towns and ranches are just devastated with the destruction. San Angelo doesn't reep much of the burn, in a sense because we aren't just open land in the direct path of the fire. However anyone and everyone is pitching in to do their share. God is good, and he obviously has this under control in a way that will strengthen the community and bring him Glory. However continuous prayer is always encouraged. After playing catch up with the family, came back decorated strawberries for the shower, and was later picked up by the boys to head to the Skating Rink; we surprised JDub with Gunnar, and had a great time skating, and falling and laughing. Afterwards we weren't tired so took on bowling until it closed and ended the night at WhataBurger; once again laughing the whole time. Sarah finally got to be a really college kid and stayed out late with us the whole time!
The next day, this morning was the church shower for Sarah, the girlier one, where no boys are really technically allowed; except to show up at the end and help pack all of the new goodies away. It was a pretty good turn out i'd say, and Sarah enjoyed it for sure. We hung out this afternoon, rocking the socks off the Madagascar Carts, and Kinetic sports video games. Tonight after our hangout, we had the couples fiesta shower, put on by a teacher of Sarah's from school and church/school family friends. This was a little different shower wise, not your usual setting, but more of a good dinner time and great conversation. Ended the night out at the lake dancing to country music; doesn't get any better...except for some of us, the genre could have been a little different, but nonetheless it was a good ending to a great weekend.

Sad to go back, but also know that going back is always a positive! Life at UMHB is just as wonderful as always, except when i'm fighting with stats for my grade, but no worries it will eventually be over. Finals is oh i think 2 weeks away ish now? Gosh i dont know where my sophomore year went?! I'm about to be a junior in the fall!! This is nuts, but exciting as well. I am blessed, there is no other way around it, wonderful friends, wonderful family, and a God who never stops loving me, and reminding me daily of it!

Looking forward to San Antonio with the girls this next weekend!!! Bachelorette Weekend!

Life is sweet