Monday, January 31, 2011

overdo update...i suppose

Well friends it's a monday. Not necessarily a bad one, but a monday never-the-less; lacking in any motivation whatsoever. I know i should be studying but i figured i'd blog instead, i mean after all the three test i have this week aren't until wednesday and thursday (if i twittered...#proprocrastinator). And what else to do when you're at work and have nothing going on, than to blog and update the world on what's going on in well my world.

For starters, life is great! UMHB is home and is absolutely wonderful. I know many would agree. I am super overly involved once again this semester, filling my time with FYC, Student Foundations, WW Steering Committee, Co-Directing Sophomore Stunt Night, and helping a little with cru knights. Someday i will learn the meaning of NO, however that is not today. I honestly love the chaos that comes from being busy, probably because of the wonderful people who are involved with me as well. I can't brag enough, i have theee best roommates/roomz/roomskillets whatever we go by, and the best friends anyone could ask for. Yeah i know, mushy gushy, but whatever.

Classes so far aren't too terrible. I am reminded every tuesday thursday though, that i should get my act together with Stats...gross. However its not that bad, because the professor is precious and makes simple but funny jokes. Other classes are cake, especially ceramics, where i can let my inner artist go...or lack there of go. Looking at my social work major, i' m realizing slowly what i'm getting myself into, but i know its where i'm meant to be, even if its just for a moment. God has plans, i'm just following the clues he leaves for me.

A highlight for me was this weekend...the sister came to visit! Yep squirt! Met the parents and her halfway and brought her back, hung out, watched despicable me (favorite), had some froyo, and some good conversation. I'm so blessed. She's so ready for college, and only a junior in highschool, but thats just her. Probably going to be attending here, if not i'll disown her if she chooses ETBU...seriously. Anyhoo, took her back halfway again, and met Dad at the DQ, had a blizzard of course and went our seperate ways. 

So nothing major happening ...still busy, still happy, still loving life.