Sunday, January 31, 2010

simple joys...

so im not the perfect blogger. definately not an everyday kinda writer, or even weekly. but thats not what matters. its just not that important. anyhoo moving on. simple joys. this weekend was a time for me to realize what those joys truly are. they have many names, different personalities but combined, they make my world a much better place to live in. there are days that go by that i honestly have no idea who i'd be without them. our usual group all headed to tolar yesterday (saturday afternoon) to hang out at nicki's house. not a massive road trip, no big plans set up. we went because we were invited and wanted to hang out like any other day, but getting away from campus added a more beneficial feel to the set up. we ate a massive dinner saturday after we arrived, thanks to nicki's parental units! fabulous!!! couldn't have gone any better, and sitting at the dinner table, its just awesome to pass the salt and think about what austin (focus speaker) had said on wednesday and how it all just chain reacts in conversation.oh and i made one of the funniest comments of the night, and we all rolled in our chairs laughing, everyone all the while still wondering how i could have said a comeback that funny ( talking about be segregated due to seating, girls table, boys at the bar/counter)( taylor saying he was trying to do soemthing nice and let the girls sit where they want togethe- and saying how judged him wrongly for it, and i said well gosh now you know how Jesus felt i guess! ) kinda a you had to be there moment. )we hung out the rest of the night, kinda segregating ourselves once again, in a positive manner, guys went upstairs and played golf on the xbox or playstation with her dad, and the girls including nicki's mom and sister played Catch Phrase (funnest game ever-ish) and laughed and joked around, like we've been doing this our whole lives. Basically were a family and thats the end of it, no doubt in my mind that we are anything less. Moving on after the game, girls took an early hit and dessert, banana pudding and brownies with icecream. YUMMMM!! we proceeded to the computer room to listen to cam play her songs on the keyboard, she does it all by memory and ear, girl is talented! nicki you tubed more songs, angie sang along and watched. and myself welllll, i was trying my very hardest not to fall asleep but lost the battle on and off, waking up to angie giggling at me and stacy (nicki's sister) laughing too. guys all the while still playing games and hearing cody laugh his crazy funny laugh, then decided to come have dessert as well, and we all headed to couch mode again, watching basketball and tv, and changing slowly one by one into pajamas then proceeding upstairs, to watch Step Up 2. Always a good movie, anything with dance, cheesy love story and overly dramatics scenes. i honestly don't think there ever was a moment that didn't go by without the funny but honest commentary from evan, ha part of the fun of watching the movies with the crew. just the simple things that make life all the better. we went to bed once it was over, heading to our seperate places, nicki and i, then ang and cam, and all the boys together. morning came, and the boys gave us our wake up call, with a water gun the size of a cracker practically. and nicki practically dead was asleep all throughout. the five left and i stayed back with nicki, laying in bed watching more tv, waiting for the opportune moment to finally get up and make a productive move. talking about life and what not. headed to lunch with her family, good fooodd and more good conversation. headed back for a bit, then made our way back to belton. drove through grandbury and looked at the precious downtown i would someday be visiting again with my dearest friend nicki! and looking at a part of her life, driving through tolar hearing memories of her life and what made her who she is today. the drive back was filled with hilarious music dancing and good music playing, more great life conversation, and what not. i really enjoy road trips and it wouldn't be the same alone, probably why driving to san angelo, is just so ridiculously boring, ohhhhh my heavens. the weekend started off friday just as wonderful with a visit from a friend from home and the concert with taylor and others... but what i remember is the latter part, and saturday morning brining the boys donuts and milk and juice, and cam joining in as well. but throughout all this, i'm able to really realize the simple joys god has given me in life, through these friendships. im so very lucky to be reminded how much i am loved by god, through these relationships and how much he wants to pursue me, and proving that on a daily basis. the simple joys make life worth living for, they stop us and remind us what truly matters, even just for a moment, when you are all outside, looking at mini donkeys in the freeeeezing weather and having a grand time lauging and joking. i tend to forget what these experiences in life mean to me, and allow them to pass me by as just another activiyt to fill up my weekend, when they are memories to my life story.

a little rant, but a good one :)


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the beginning...

never in a million years, well maybe not a million but nonethe less, never did i ever think that i'd be doing a blog. i tried to be that typical pre-teen at the age of 11 who wrote in her pretty pink journal, with the fuzzy pen, about boy band crushes and what drama had gone on that day. it lasted i think the total of three days before i found myself utterly bored and writing in the journal wasn't a release but a job, another silly trend like those string bracelets and choker necklaces. definately never found it as a form of release from my day. but somehow here i am, working on a blog, feeling that need to be somewhat clever and entertaining, as though people will look to this as something they have to read. for me, i know im genuinely just not that funny, sometimes, but rarely and really not that clever. and i am quite ok with that.
blogging for me? it will end up being my place of release, i could write this down like anyone else in a journal and talk to god about my day on paper, but i find i get distracted, easily and talking with god in my room or in a place of my own is nice, but my mind wonders. typing is a consisten motion for me, i start and i find it hard to quit. therefore most of the blogs will be ranting and will seem to go on and on. but i know that it is my release and the father already knows my thoughts, but in this way i can tell him about my day without the temptation to lay my head on the pillow for a second, or to get up and look for a new pen, because i don't like the way that one writes. i can let him in this way. and not worry about anyone else, because its for myself and for him. if people read it in the process then awesome, if not then great.

so here i go, let the journey begin.