Wednesday, May 18, 2011

oh the home life

Well everyone... I"M HOME! And actually I have been for quite some time now!
Enjoying every second of it for sure. Feeling pretty lucky to have the chance to sleep in...mmm how i've missed sleep. However the mornings are awfully quiet, seeing as the family is all away at school teaching, principaling, and being a thats new, but good as well. I have to be honest, i kind of miss the chaos of life at school, makes every moment full of life for sure. But really people, i love being home, i do. 

-This summer's outlook so far, looks pretty good, interesting for sure.
1. Working at a local Snow Cone Stand: Kokomo Joes. Yup that'd be my hardworking's great really!
2. Recently just found out I will be getting to join Miss Audrey Hale and the High schoolers from her Church in Rockwall, to their Camp in Orange Beach Alabama! Whoot!
3. One of the bigggggest moments, PERU! I have been waiting for this trip, since Bobby (the youth minister for FBC, home church) asked me if i wanted to go! God is good, I said any chance I had i would go back in a heart beat; and he presented me with this opportunity to go and did i mention the WHOLE family is getting to go! Cannot wait! July 1-11! So heads up, please be praying for those going, that we would be able to humble ourselves to put those we come into contact with first, and be the guiding light to the gospel. Also pray for open hearts and open minds, as we share the love of Christ with them. Oh one more prayer request, the man who leads it all up, up there in Cajamarca Peru, his wife is very sick, and she is the absolute love of his life, but so is his call to missions, pray for healing, but more than anything for peace and discernment in his life. He's a great man, and you'll get to hear more about him, and the trip when i return!
4. It already happened May 7th, but Sarah's Wedding! One of the highlights of my oh' eleven summer, and a great way to kick it all off. Jw Alexander and Sarah Alexander are two of the most amazing people you'll ever meet. They love each other totally and completely with a love that comes from being so very sound in Christ. If you are looking for a happy couple, then here they are! I love you both o-so very much, and I want to thank you for the advice and encouragement you so openly share with me! (Also the bridal party, Kelly, Katherine, Gunnar, and Ryan, were pretty wonderful as well i must say! We always have a good time together, which made the wedding that much more fun!)
5. Mmm selfishly, my birthday?! June 16th! Its always fun to have a summer birthday, and I'm gonna be I can hardly believe it!
6. My sweet sweet friend from UMHB, Miss Lindsay Adam, GOT ENGAGED! Yes, Linds and Ricardo are getting married, well not right away but still, they're engaged! Could not be happier for them! I know they're wedding will be wonderful, and so much fun as well! Congratulations guys!
7. I've been reading again, yes another book for another summer. Last year it was "A Love Worth Giving" by Max Lucado, and this summer's so far has been "When God Writes Your Love Story" by Eric and Leslie Ludy. This book so far has been exactly what i've needed to hear. I'm learning to live out the "sweeter song" as they say, and allow God the pen for my love life here, and my love life with him as well. Its a very wonderful book, and I'm almost already done with it! i'm beginning to really like reading here, this  is a big deal! Its just ever so relaxing, and I'm hoping to continue once I've finished this book; well i assume I am, because i already have another one picked out!

Alright so there ya go. Home is sweet! 
-I'm missing my family from school...ALOT! but, however, I am comforted in knowing that our return will be ever so sweet, and in due time! 


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