Thursday, June 30, 2011

it's finally time!

Hello all! Once again, my apologies go out to being the worst blogger in the midwest (gotta give myself some leeway). I'm sure you're wondering what its "finally time" for? Well if you really want to know, it is finally time for my mission trip to Peru, ROUND 2!!! I cannot even begin to express the excitement that is running through me, it's a beautiful feeling my friends! I must say, for the youth and adults going as well, who've never been, the anxiousness and curiosity has to be killing you! However, knowing what is already there, waiting for you, has to be one of the best and most amazing feelings around. 

This time around, we will not be doing any medical missions, as we did in 2009. This trip is more for the youth, and adults coming along as well, and a few of us returning home college students; we will be doing a three day bible school, a few food drops i believe, cleaning and working on, and in the clinic, and helping Larry and the rest of the crew at Villa Milagro with whatever they're needs are. 

Seriously people, i wish i had the time to share exactly how i'm feeling leading up to arriving to Dallas, and then flying out tomorrow morning to Miami, and then on to Lima, and then our final destination Cajarmarca, Peru. My heart is just ever so joyful, and anxious to be there, and see those who i love ever so much, and those i haven't met yet, and cannot wait to meet. 

I am ever so thankful for a heavenly father, who has given me the opportunity and financial stability to be able to go back so soon. I knew no matter what that i would return someday. God is even more amazing, because my whole family is getting the opportunity to go, Mom and Cally will be experiencing this trip for the first time, and this will also be the second for Dad! What a gracious father we have.

We will be gone the 1st of July and then return the 11th. This trip is going to be amazing for all of us. It will test our faith, our strength and patience, but will be a blessing unimaginable. Please please please be praying for our team this next week or so, for humble attitudes, for loving and embracing hearts and the opportunities to step outside our comfort zones, to sacrifice our selfish desires, to be his hands and feet. Please be praying for the families, the kids, the adults, the staff at Villa Milagro, they work so hard, and deserve so much praise and prayer, and thank yous. Please pray for Larry, for strength to keep doing what he's doing, will a peace in knowing that God is sovereign and in control, to know that he is doing Christs work and making his heart ever so happy. Please pray for Larry and Joy, for healing, Joy isn't able to be with us in Peru, due to an illness she contracted a few years back, that has made her ever so weak, that traveling isnt an option, and prayer for just a joyful mindset in knowing that their love is stronger than an illness and distance. All your prayers, are so very much appreciated, and a blessing to everyone involved with this trip. You have a part in all this, even though you may not even step foot there, here you have a purpose!

Thank you again. I am also letting you know a little at a time, because I will actually be taking the good ole' lap top with me, and will be giving updates on the blog, along with pictures, so you can keep informed and experience what we are so fortunate to experience!

"Therefore go, and make disciples of all nations..." Matthew 28:19

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